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I had a wallet which had approx $660 worth of bitcoin somewhere around 0.05 BTC and all of a sudden it has vanished and my transaction tab shows nothing.

I have put my receiving address into the block chain and it shows that a transaction sometime in March of 2019 was made and I didn’t make any transactions in March of this year. How odd. Anyway this has blown my mind and I don’t know who to ask for help or what to do ?

Any ideas or can someone be of assistance? I really don’t know what to do. In addition, I was thinking that maybe bitcoin had plummeted on the market and maybe it lost value and that’s why maybe I have none but to be fair there was enough bitcoin in my wallet but no nothing.

Am I doing something wrong and it is safe for me to paste my receving address here for someone to take a look or is that a bad move ?

I only use my bitcoin to pay for VPN and it does show that I renewed my VPN in august which is when I did make a transaction so why it is showing a transaction in March 2019 makes no sense whatsoever.

I’ve read that something does cause bitcoin to appear as vanished but to be fair I’ve re-synced which took over 24 hours and I created new receiving addresses which I read can sometimes re-gig the system and your available bitcoins appear.


Any ideas ?


By pplny

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