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I need to get pubkeyhash of string pubkey. I try the following code with Bitcoinj :

public static String convertP2pkToP2pkh(String p2pk, NetworkParameters np) {
    return LegacyAddress.fromKey(np, ECKey.fromPublicOnly(Converter.hexToBytes(p2pk))).toString();

It works ok for valid pubkeys, but some strings should not be converted to pubkeyhash,
for example:

pubkey 0431415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679821480865132823066470938446
got from output 1 of tx with txId=c94f41c1177b22ffff461808e62e31b3211352c78b6d550d445583c721eb48ca
should not be converted (checked with other convert libs and on website: )

but actual result of convertion with above code returns pubkeyhash 1EXpM1kseQJSudJEhMUT1SGzNrGtJADjp4 without any error.

I also used bitoicnj BitcoinCoreFileReader to read blocks, and result block gives the same result when use it with String address = blkOut.getScriptPubKey().getToAddress(np, true).toString()

But I need to get null or some exception if pubkey can not be converted.

If there is other possibility to get proper convertion of pubkey to pubkeyhash with java?


By pplny

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