I want to know if someone can help me with this situation:
Two years ago I changed the password of my Bitcoin-Core wallet and forgot it.

I sent my wallet.dat to some person, who claimed that will crack it down and return my coins with some fee.

In the wallet there were only 2 addresses, and after some time the coins dissapeared, but only from one of them. I saw in the blockchain that they were “mixed” or split, in a way not to be traced.

Here is the address they went to: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/address/1PFygtEEhi4spjHJ3DHEBvgVpNp8oBY4A2

Coins from the other address are still in the wallet, and I found my password for the core wallet, but I don’t know how to use it for that specific address with the coins left.

There are 1.3 BTC inside / still 8.30 stolen / but it will be a little relief for me if I can get them.

I have my original wallet.dat file also – so if anyone can help me, I will be very grateful.


By pplny

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