Hanjin Tourism is holding special events ‘Let’s Be Together’ and ‘Welcome’ to welcome the 2024 New Year.

The title of Hanjin Tourism's first event of the new year commemorates the Year of the Blue Dragon, and also means that various benefits will be provided if you go on a trip with Hanjin Tourism. The event will be held simultaneously in two forms from January 1st to February 2nd.

Hanjin Tourism is holding ‘Let’s be together’ and ‘Welcome’ events to commemorate the Year of the Blue Dragon / Hanjin Tourism
Hanjin Tourism is holding a ‘Let’s Get Together’ and ‘Welcome’ events to commemorate the Year of the Blue Dragon. / Hanjin Tourism

If you reserve the travel product you want to go first, you will receive the benefit of regional gifts. During the event period, if you make a reservation for one of the 24 travel products departing within June 30, you will receive gifts such as Japanese confectionery, fenglish water, fruit basket, wine, dates, visa application fee exemption, and Starbucks gift certificate depending on the region. do. Only Hanjin Tourism membership members can participate.

The second event is to leave a New Year's plan comment. You can participate by visiting the event page on Hanjin Tourism's official website and leaving a comment. If you leave a comment with the plan you want to achieve this year, you will be judged and receive prizes such as 2 Hotel Shilla meal vouchers worth 370,000 won (1 person), Hotel Shilla Bakery 50,000 won gift certificate (10 people), and Naver Pay 1,000 won (224 people). do. If you are a Hanjin Tourism membership member, you can participate in this event, and the announcement is scheduled to be made on February 20th.

This year's 'Welcome' event is for new membership members. You can apply by accessing the Hanjin Tourism event page from January 9 to February 8, checking the required consent to receive marketing, and signing up for a new membership. Among new membership members who apply, prizes such as a Tefal cordless vacuum cleaner (1 person), Tefal Steam Force (1 person), Tefal frying pan (8 people), and Starbucks Americano (100 people) will be awarded through a drawing. The winner will be revealed on February 22nd.

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