Saudia Airlines praised itself for practicing sustainability and leading management and technological innovation through innovative rebranding and groundbreaking partnerships in 2023.

Saudia Airlines announced that it took the lead in implementing 'Vision 2030' to diversify Saudi Arabia's economy, society, and culture by increasing the number of visitors to Saudi Arabia last year. During Hajj, in addition to travelers from Indonesia and Malaysia, many travelers from seven cities including Beijing, Guangzhou, Jakarta, Manila, and Singapore visited Saudi Arabia using the Seoul-Beijing-Riyadh route.

In March last year, we practiced sustainable management by ordering 49 B787 Dreamliners to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. With this contract, Saudia Airlines' state-of-the-art aircraft increased to 140.

At the end of September, we unveiled a new brand identity (BI) and livery, marking the beginning of a new era focused on digital transformation and customer-centric experiences. In addition, a virtual assistant service called ‘Saudia’ has been introduced to simplify various transactions and provide an efficient flight purchase process.

We signed a partnership with Riyadh Airways. This partnership is a strategic decision to attract 330 million visitors by 2030, and the two companies are expected to operate code-share flights, provide enhanced connectivity, provide loyal customer benefits, and create synergies between companies.

Saudia Airlines plans to expand its global route network to the APAC region and other regions this year to improve connectivity between Saudi Arabia and the world.

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