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Here in the function AttachChain there is block of code:

    // Unless allowed, ensure wallet files are not reused across chains:
    if (!gArgs.GetBoolArg("-walletcrosschain", DEFAULT_WALLETCROSSCHAIN)) {
        WalletBatch batch(walletInstance->GetDatabase());
        CBlockLocator locator;
        if (batch.ReadBestBlock(locator) && locator.vHave.size() > 0 && chain.getHeight()) {
            // Wallet is assumed to be from another chain, if genesis block in the active
            // chain differs from the genesis block known to the wallet.
            if (chain.getBlockHash(0) != locator.vHave.back()) {
                error = Untranslated("Wallet files should not be reused across chains. Restart bitcoind with -walletcrosschain to override.");
                return false;

I’ve seen the CBlockLocator contructor and with no argument, it does nothing so the vHave member of locator is always empty. So next if statement will never execute because:

batch.ReadBestBlock(locator) && locator.vHave.size() > 0 && chain.getHeight()

Is alway false. I think I’m missing something here, because if I’m correct the if statement is like if(0) and so it’s not useful.


By pplny

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