According to , for default bitcoin datadir %APPDATA%Bitcoin, the typical path to configuration file is %APPDATA%Bitcoinbitcoin.conf

But bitcoin is filling up my C: drive real quick so i moved the bitcoin datadir to D: drive by creating shortcut with the parameter : "D:Bitcoin CoreBitcoinbitcoin-qt.exe" -datadir="d:Bitcoin CoreData"

But i can’t find the bitcoin.conf in the datadir , i even used file explorer search to search in the datadir and in the folder that contains the datadir folder.
enter image description here

That image is the only result from the search , is not the bitcoin.conf i am looking for , so it is obvious the bitcoin.conf is not in the datadir.

Where is the bitcoin.conf ?!?!?
I swear there is no Bitcoin folder in %APPDATA%


By pplny

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