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In 2011 I was mining BTC via and having the results deposited into my wallet at Mt. Gox. I never had a local copy of the wallet file, and of course then there was the first hack, which released account details. So the deposits were stopped.

Then there was the bigger hack where Mt Gox lost a bunch of BTC and went bankrupt, and I got out of crypto entirely. At the time my wallet was too small to fret over and I assumed there was nothing for it. I haven’t looked at any of that in a decade…

Now I see news that Mt Gox is close to finishing their court stuff and it made me go looking – and lo and behold the master ledger, according to BitPay’s Insight tool, says my wallet still has my balance in it. But I only have the payment address, found in the old emails from Mt Gox and BTCMine.

Does anyone know if there’s a chance to get access to the wallet from Mt Gox, since my measly BTC balance is still in it and my coin apparently wasn’t stolen?


By pplny

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