This is a newbie question but I couldn’t find the answer after reading Reddit’s r/Bitcoin Sticky FAQ and also searching r/Bitcoin on "wallet address".

I opened a Coinbase account a while back, and made some small transactions in Bitcoin just to find out how it worked. Now I would like to give a few people my wallet address so that they can send me some BTC. But what actually is my wallet address? I read the help at Coinbase and went to (my profile) | Manage your profile | Crypto addresses and got a list of 15 BTC addresses (all starting "3"), 3 ETH addresses (all starting "0x"), and 1 SHIBA INU address (also starting "0x"). I don’t recall opening 15 BTC wallets. So if I pick one of these 15 BTC addresses at random, can people send money to it? Or are these addresses transaction addresses rather than a wallet address? If so, how do I find my wallet address?

Thanks for any help with this!

This is a screenshot:

enter image description here

Each entry here has a 34-character string of alphanumerics.


By pplny

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