On Thursday evening July 21 @ 23:42 PM CT I transferred around $501.22 from Coinbase to an external wallet.

Per Coinbase, they sent it out to the BlockChain, it was confirmed by the BlockChain.
I noticed it has 235 confirmations – Not sure if this is how it works.

The recipient insists they didn’t receive the funds.

A week earlier, on July 14, I sent BTC from Coinbase to the same Dest address and it was received within 20 min.

Would anyone be willing to look at the hash below for both transactions and help me to understand how to read it if everything seems legit?

!! Destination BTC wallet address for both transactions:

!! July-21 hash

!! July-21 – None working transaction:

!! July-14 – working transaction:

Much appreciate it folks!!


By pplny

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