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I am using the Electrum wallet for Bitcoin on Windows 10. I’m able to get the private key of my main receiving address. I’m sure this address works to receive BTC as I’ve been able to before. I was curious about how private keys can be converted to public receiving addresses, so I tried the tool at and was able to get an address from there. However, it is not any of the addresses listed in my client, and definitely not the one I retrieved the private key for (all addresses in the Electrum start with "bc1" whereas the address I got back when converting from my private key began with "1"). I tried sending a small amount (to test) to the address that I got back from but it’s not showing up in my wallet and it appears I may have lost that small amount I used as a test send. Am I doing something wrong?

Here are screenshots showing the procedure I’m using to obtain the private key from my Electrum wallet, and then trying to enter it on and, both of which give me the same receiving address, which is incorrect(I tried sending a small amount to this addy and did not receive it). Because my receiving address starts with "bc1" I’m thinking that maybe something else needs to be done to account for the bech32 addresses. Can anyone help please?

I was able to somewhat get it working using the console (View->Show Console) in Electrum and then used a command similar to bitcoin.address_from_private_key("p2wpkh:5Kkzs8XrJNAmf9VQDFeGBfaRvSByAvPK6DbDXw5BVqswWaXSG2Y") which returned the address I was expecting starting with "bc1". My concern is that its returning the value that it has already stored and associated with that private key. Does anyone know of another way I can check if it’s working properly? I don’t mind entering my private key on a website as long as I can just run it locally so I don’t expose myself to security risks. Anyone?

I was able to retrieve the small amount of BTC I used as a "test send" by importing by private key into an online wallet (’s wallet for those who care). I then sent back (minus the fees) the BTC to my Electrum wallet. I still cannot figure out why the BTC private key returned by Electrum outputs a BTC address of the form 1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx when my Electrum client shows me that all my receiving addresses are of the form "bc1…"

If anyone could shed some light on this I’d appreciate it. thanks.


By pplny

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