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Background how I got here:

I have a very old wallet file in .dat format (from 2017)
The backup is as far as I remember just a copy of the wallet file from bitcoin-core’s ~/.bitcoin directory.

I tried opening it in "modern" bitcoin-core by:

  1. copying the wallet file into ~/.bitcoin/wallets/walletName/walletName.dat
  2. adding the wallet name to list in ~/.bitcoin/settings.json

Now, upon starting bitcoin-core I get this message:

Error: Failed to load database path '/home/{redacted}/.bitcoin/wallets/OldWallet_1'. Data is not in recognized format.

So, having no meaningful results in google other than pywallet, I decided to try importing it to electron… and discovered that electron doesn’t have an option to import bitcoin-core wallets (wtf?).
I did find some information about "pywallet", I tried using it to recover information from my .dat file, I had to modify it a bit since my encryption password is really long and has many weird characters in it so passing it as an argument for script execution is incredibly difficult.

I managed to get list of all addresses defined in this file and "encrypted_privkey" for each address.

I didn’t manage to get it to decrypt anything, because the script crashes with "Segmentation Fault (core dumped)" (everyone loves C/C++).

The question:

So, my question is, given I know the password to this wallet (I think I also recovered the encryption salt) and I have "encrypted_privkey" list, how do I decrypt them so I can import them in electron?


I just tried importing my dashcoin wallet to dash-core, I get the same error message, so it’s very likely that something about the wallet file format has changed during the time I wasn’t using cryptocurrencies.

If anyone knows how to "upgrade" the file format, please let me know, it’ll also solve the problem.


By pplny

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