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I had a Core Lightning node running properly, but it suddenly somehow stopped working. I force-closed the only channel I owned (from my other node), and since I can’t start the lightning daemon (with lightningd) of the problematic node, I can only access the funds with the

How is this going to work? I did setup another node, replaced its hsm_secret, ran the listfunds command and got nothing:

bitcoin@raspibolt:~/.lightningmobile2/bitcoin $ lightning-cli --lightning-dir=/home/bitcoin/.lightningmobile2 --conf=/home/bitcoin/.lightningmobile2/lightningd.conf listfunds
   "outputs": [],
   "channels": []

So, after I re-synced, I ran listfunds and it returned me the same, exact message (no outputs). I had some hope that I’d recover my force-closed funds that way, but bad luck.

I just want to say that I still have the problematic sqlite3 file, if that helps.


By pplny

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