I’ve read so far all official Muun articles about the submarine swaps and emergency kits, but one thing still has me confused.

Let’s say I receive $500 worth of Bitcoin on-chain to my Muun wallet. These funds are stored on-chain and stay there for now as far as I understand. Now I make a payment via Lightning Network (LN) let’s say worth $3. Now you do a submarine swap in the background as far as I understood.

But this is where I loose the plot. The party who sends the lightning payment need to get the BTC on-chain from my wallet or not? This would mean on-chain fees accure for every lightning payment?

Another question I have, if I receive e.g 100$ worth of Bitcoin via lightning to my Muun wallet, will I finally receive these on-chain aka is the whole balance that I see in a Muun wallet exclusively stored on-chain

Thanks a lot for your help!


By pplny

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