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Bitcoin Core 23.0 is running on machine A.
Specter 1.13.0-pre5 is running on machine B, which has Ubuntu 22.04 installed.
These machines are on the same local network.
Ledger Nano S+ is plugged into machine B.

My goal is to run the bitcoin node on machine A and run Specter on machine B with the Ledger device plugged into machine B.

The Specter documentation says

if you don’t have physical access to the machine Specter is running
on, you will need to set up a Specter HWIBridge.

I do have physical access to both machines, but plugging the device into either of them fails. So I assume I need the hwi bridge.

I restarted Specter on machine B by running specter-desktop --hwibridge. Then I went to, disabled my ad blocker and clicked the Update button. After I did this, I got the message Whitelist is updated!.

This is where the documentation becomes confusing. It says

In the Whitelisted domains form field, enter the domain of your remote
Specter server you are connecting to and click update.

I’m not running a remote Specter server. It’s just a desktop wallet app running here on my local desktop (machine B) which already has my node (machine A) connected to it. What else could it need?

The README file in github lists the udev rules for Ledger. I’m not a udev expert but I can see that /etc/udev/rules.d/20-hwi.rules does exist, which was set up when I ran the Ledger Live software. The directory that the Specter app image was unzipped into also contains its own udev directory. The 20-hwi.rules file that was installed with Specter is the same as the one in /etc/udev/rules.d/ except that it has the following two lines added at the bottom.

# Ledger Test
> SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="2c97", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0005|5000|5001|5002|5003|5004|5005|5006|5007|5008|5009|500a|500b|500c|500d|500e|500f|5010|5011|5012|5013|5014|5015|5016|5017|5018|5019|501a|501b|501c|501d|501e|501f", TAG+="uaccess", TAG+="udev-acl"

According to the documentation, I’m not even sure I should need to use hwi, but it didn’t work without it and I don’t think I should start overwriting udev files in order to try to get it working.

What I’m trying to do seems like a pretty basic setup, but everything I have tried has failed. Specter never detects the Nano S+ device. Has anyone done this successfully?


By pplny

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