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Back in 2013 my parents bought 2 BTC, put a password on the wallet and haven’t touched it sense. I am 80% sure I have the password correct, but no luck. But they were smart enough to back up all of their info, such as the wallet-backup, the key-backup, the Wallet Unenc-backup, and a rolling backup on to CDs.

I tried to move the wallet onto other platforms, but had no luck without the password. I managed to view it on blockchain, but it’s labeled as “Watch Only”. The only way I can get access to it is if I do QR code scan, but my private key I can get at is a string of numbers and digits in the backup files else I can somehow turn that into a QR code. So I was thinking perhaps the password can be hidden in the .key file or can be opened though the .wallet cipher in the Unenc-backup. This version of MultiBit is old so it does not have the 12 word recovery system please help.


By pplny

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