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Ever since I started hearing about Bitcoin, people have been mentioning "coin mixers" to me, and told me to use them. However, even early on, when they were practically throwing away Bitcoins to the left and to the right for anyone to grab, due to their low market price, these always seemed fishy to me.

I just couldn’t trust them, even for small amounts of Bitcoin. Certainly not with all my coins.

Today, I just could never trust such a service to do anything but simply steal my coins and don’t do anything besides keeping them.

At the same time, I really want privacy. I’ve paid such extra margins for all these years for purchasing Bitcoin in a "P2P" manner, but my name/identity is still known by various individuals with whom I have traded or purchased goods from.

When I start my Bitcoin service, I will necessarily have to send some Bitcoin out to customers every now and then. And then it will pick "pieces" from my wallet which are known to be tied to me! And that will violate my privacy. But I can’t risk losing them entirely, or pay even more than what I’ve already lost from paying all these extra costs and not to mention the huge transaction fees that the Bitcoin network itself charges. Extra fees for "mixing" the coins is more or less unthinkable.

Are these really a thing? Or just another scam? How can I trust them? Do you all use them? Why wasn’t this feature simply built into Bitcoin and automated?


By pplny

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