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I own some small amount of BTC since 2015. As I was busy doing an offline business, I absolutely missed all information updates about BTC for latest 7 years. Now I am going to sell my BTC but I discovered that there is such a thing as "forks" and I can claim and get them.
Can you please explain me with as simple words as possible:

Do forks "belong" to my BTC or do they "belong" to my wallet?
Thus, if I sell my BTC tomorrow, can I still claim all forks later?
Or is it so that when I send BTC to another wallet, then I am authomatically sending all forks to that wallet?
Should I first claim forks and then sell BTC, or can I first sell BTC and then claim forks?
I shall be grateful for your answer!
Please explain like for a kid, without complicated technical words 🙂
Thank you very much!


By pplny

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