I cant install Bitcoin Core 13.2 thru 15.01 64 bit on my window 10 64 bit system it worked ver 14.2 worked before I tried to sign into coinbase that emailed me an address that needed to Identify my computer by clicking it. I clicked it to complete the authentication process. I had a problem with coinbase in the past and they closed my account when I tried to open another account they refused and closed my account again and sent me a message to close my account by clicking the box. since then I’ve been unable to open my bitcoin core wallet ver 14.2 I keep get this messageenter image description hereenter image description here
and the this when I hit OK
I’ve tryed installing versions 13.0 thru 15.1 64bit then 32bit and alway the same thing when I click this OK the wallet shuts down!
I even went as far as installing Bitcoincore for Linux Mint 18.2 and it works great! BUT! I cant retrieve my Backed up wallet and coins from the windows wallet.dat. I’m at my wits end is there a Dev out their or on this site that can help me install Bitcore Core 14.2 (where I had my coins stored) on my Windows 10 Home PC?


By pplny

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